The Journey Continues


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You from down under? I did a tracking course down under and got my ass dog bit. Fucking unpleasant.

Gday mate. I can’t even remotely get close to an accent.
Yeah I’m Aussie not a bad place to call home. I’m from Victoria.

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Was in New Zealand. I asked If the dogs were trained. Answer be no and f%$# no. No was right. Beautiful place. Beautiful country.
I went to NZ to play rugby many moons ago. Very pretty but can be rough. Especially if your a rugby player from Australia LoL


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Grow is coming along it’s all a bit in organised but healthy at least for now.
This is my first grow with my new setup. I have over estimated and under estimated different aspects of growing with my new setup but will at least have it dialled in for my next grow.
I had to flower my sour diesel and green crack early because of a plant that hermied my last grow. Which means my cupboard is about 6 oz short, not a big deal I know just flower some early to catch up. But this has left a hole in my veg tent that I couldn’t fill. Which intern has left my grow slightly smaller and would of got decent yield instead of having cute little bonsais. I guess I wanted a full tent and I don’t have one 🤬 (beats having to buy weed though)
Reveg clones I have repotted and put to flower


Veg time