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Advertisers exist to fund the hosting and maintenance of online forums. Advertisers on most forums offer little benefit to the community. Many display banners rather than contributing to the community.

We are not running banners on this forum at this time. Our research has shown banner advertising has a very low ROI on forums. Vendors get far more for their dollar by becoming active members in online communities. The more you post and interact with other members, the better your results. For this reason we created vendor-specific forums.

Being a vendor isn't just about selling product, it's about giving back to the community. As a vendor you should have substantial knowledge in your product area of study. 👨‍🔬 If you sell seeds you should know a lot about genetics and breeding. If you sell nutrients, you should know a lot about plant physiology and chemistry. If you sell grow lights you should know a lot about photosynthetic response and lighting technology. As experts in your field, you have more knowledge on these subjects than your average forum member. We encourage you to give back to the community by sharing your knowledge openly. When questions are asked, provide answers. Show you're not just here for profits.

Profits come naturally to vendors who actively participate. When they do, we ask that you give back to the members. Monthly giveaways regardless of size or value show you care about giving back to the community. Competitions with prizes are another way of giving back. These acts also help bring new members to the forums and customers to your brand.

We highly encourage all vendors to give back to the community. Post regularly, share your knowledge and after the community starts giving to you, please announce your own competition or giveaway.

Vendors who do not post regularly on the forums will lose their position and forum.



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Banners SUCK! Many serve no purpose other than to slow the page loading. Even if I saw an interesting product I would still buy something recommended by a trusted source - like the one in the banner.

You want me to buy a light? Use them and show me why I should buy them. I think that is a poor business model in most instances, especially for a product requiring 3-5 months to see results. But this is a different animal. People invest time in your products, not just money. I've wasted money before. I've wasted time. Wasting time sucks more.

How did you feel when you got that shiny new Mars Hydro 300w blurple - then before the grow was even done you were looking at options? Word of mouth means more in this industry than most IMHO.


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Short version - these forums sell equipment better than the banners in them.